Q:  So, what is it that you do exactly?

A:  Mom, did you write this question?  I am a children’s songwriter and entertainer.  I write and record original kids music and perform for families and children of all ages!  I rock out at both public and private events such as birthday parties, school events, community gatherings, fairs, and any and all in between!  I also teach early childhood group music classes and private guitar lessons  You can check my calendar to see where to catch my next show!

Q: What is your live kids show like?

A:  My live kids show is engaging and interactive for children and their parents!  Every show has objects and instruments that kids can play with while I perform.  The shows last roughly 45 minutes (because of a child’s attention span) and are rocking, goofy, high energy, and a ton of fun!

Q:  Do you write original music?

A:  Yes! All the songs on my albums are original, aren’t I creative?  I write all the songs and also collaborate with other incredibly talented people.  I love working with others!

Q:  Will you play at my child’s birthday party?

A:  Totally!  I love rocking out at birthday parties!  Drop me a line for availability and rates!

Q:  How much do you charge for your services?

A:  Great question!  My rates vary based on what your needs are.  I offer a variety of services and I will help you figure out what you need.  Feel free to contact me for more information.

Q:  I want to book you, but your calendar says that you are already booked on the day i want!  what will i do now?

A:  Now hold on, take a deep breath.  If I am already booked on a day you want to book me, please still reach out .  Depending on the time you want to book me, I may be able to squeeze your event in!

Q: What does “private event” mean on your calendar?

A: That means I am performing at a birthday party, school event, family party, retirement party, shareholder’s meeting, or anything not open to the public that someone would need to be invited to.

Q: I Don’t have a budget, but I’m interested in booking you.  do you ever work for free?  

A:  Money can be tight sometimes, I get it!  I think about this a lot and its a case by case basis.  If you are part of a charity, let’s chat!  If you are not part of a charity and you plan on profiting from the work of the artists and musicians you hire without compensating them, I will have to pass.  However, there are different ways to compensate your artists and musicians if money is something you just can’t swing at the moment.  I consider other useful services you might be offering. For instance, if your event is professionally photographed or videotaped – these are excellent perks to offer!

Q:  Does anyone ever tell you that you look like seth rogen?

A:  No.

  1. There's Music Everywhere Jesse Jukebox 02:31
  2. Superhero Jesse Jukebox 03:05
  3. The Monkey Song Jesse Jukebox 02:05
  4. Starlight Kids Jesse Jukebox 03:29
  5. Awesome! Jesse Jukebox 1:57